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Looking for more rooms?

The Atelier is part of a bigger villa complex with 4 more rooms/appartments which can host up to 12 people in total.


The Villa

With its strategic location, right in the heart of Taormina, guests can effortlessly explore the vibrant streets, boutique shops, and local restaurants that define this charming town. Yet, once within the villa's walls, the hustle and bustle of the town fade away, offering a serene retreat where guests can unwind in the lap of luxury.


In addition to the independent Atelier  situated on the property, the main villa is subdivided into several rooms and apartments. The generous layout ensures that guests can retreat to their quarters for moments of privacy and relaxation. The decor of each room harmonizes with the overall aesthetic of the villa, combining comfort with elegance. The infinity pool and living room offer a great place for coming together.

The villa offers 2 Appartments complete with their own kitchen and 2 Guest rooms with en-suite bathroom. Bookable on requesto only.

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